Masmoudi studied at the Le Beaux Arts (Fine Art School) Tunis, graduated from (Faculty of Fine Art) Damascus University , Les Beaux Arts de Paris and The Sorbonne (Fine Art) Paris. He then studied Moorish Art and taught in Morocco for three years.

Has been exhibiting throughout Australia,Paris , Germany, Morocco , Syria and Tunisia

Masmoudi’s artwork is inspired by the ancient Moorish mosaics. These patterns were passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years and are still in use today. The work antecedents appear as ceramic decorations and on carpets, friezes and fabrics that are part of the everyday life of the people. Its appearance today is a direct link and reminder of the art in everyday use in Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and other North African countries

he work continues the artist’s lifelong examination of and fascination with colour and form through the ancient textures and modern execution of mosaic, be it in the form of painting, drawing, carpet design or large scale installation

About Masmoudi carpets: Modern art forms and their cultural relationship with the past have always fascinated Masmoudi.

Whilst studying and investigating early Tunisian carpet he found that much of the richness of this art heritage had been assimilated into Western art. Thus he began an artistic strategy of reinvigoration of both new and old art forms, one which could capture or retain the essence of the artistic heritage present there and rework it in a different, exciting and contemporary context.

The manifestation of this ongoing process is the production of carpets, works of sublime beauty that forge a link between the decorative and the practical and the expression of heritage and modernity in one object.

Masmoudi started his carpet workshop at Kairouan, Tunisia, in 1995. His carpets exclusively use New Zealand wool, and are hand woven by the people of Kairouan

In the mid nineteenth, century Kairouan carpet (Zarbia) gave the appearance of an imitation of Anatolian carpets and became a major household industry of world repute. Masmoudi today has re-invigorated the carpet art of this area to once again place it at the centre of originality and beauty.

Carpets featured in Vogue and Living Australia article ‘True Colors’ September/October 2005

All carpets are certified top quality hand knotted in Kairouan (Tunisia) 100% pure New Zealand wool Designed and signed by the artist